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3 Reasons Why Cypress is Heading in the Right Direction

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1. Cypress Made Bold Trade-off Bold trade-offs show the strength, and confidence of a product team. They eliminate ambiguity and help the team laser-focus on what’s most important. But making trade-offs is easier said than done. Most product teams avoid or worse, defer making trade-offs because like all other human beings, we’re afraid to be […]


How Can Artificial Intelligence be Applied in Automation Testing of Web Apps?

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There are several interesting web app automation scenarios that we can improve using AI: Increase test execution stability (self-healing automation) by letting AI to automatically locate web elements when the primary locators fail. This feature already appears in some cutting-edge automation tools like Mabl. Increase automation productivity by using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automatically […]

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Tester Switching to Business Analyst – A Fast-Track Guide

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Let’s be honest. Money is important. It’s often the top factor that motivates a career switch. Who doesn’t love a bumped-up salary? The charts below show how much business analysts are making on average compared to software testers (QA) (source: Glassdoor). Since there’s a significant gap between testers and business analysts, some testers decide to […]

Cross Browser Testing: Why is It Still Relevant Although Some May Say Otherwise?

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Understanding the Argument A wave of new test automation tools argue that Cross Browser Testing is no longer relevant. Their reason? Due to the law of diminishing returns, adding more browser coverage only marginally increases your confidence. The argument further explains that since only a small proportion of your failures actually result from inconsistencies between […]