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3 Reasons Why Cypress is Heading in the Right Direction

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1. Cypress Made Bold Trade-off Bold trade-offs show the strength, and confidence of a product team. They eliminate ambiguity and help the team laser-focus on what’s most important. But making trade-offs is easier said than done. Most product teams avoid or worse, defer making trade-offs because like all other human beings, we’re afraid to be […]


How Can Artificial Intelligence be Applied in Automation Testing of Web Apps?

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There are several interesting web app automation scenarios that we can improve using AI: Increase test execution stability (self-healing automation) by letting AI to automatically locate web elements when the primary locators fail. This feature already appears in some cutting-edge automation tools like Mabl. Increase automation productivity by using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automatically […]

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Tester Switching to Business Analyst – A Fast-Track Guide

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Let’s be honest. Money is important. It’s often the top factor that motivates a career switch. Who doesn’t love a bumped-up salary? The charts below show how much business analysts are making on average compared to software testers (QA) (source: Glassdoor). Since there’s a significant gap between testers and business analysts, some testers decide to […]